Tie the Knot in Greyton

Why Greyton?

If you haven't yet heard of Greyton, let's fill you in!

Greyton is a small town, about two hours' drive from Cape Town.  The transformation town is flanked by a National Park filled with fynbos, mountains, rock pools, waterfalls and locals report sightings of wild mountain lions in the Kloof, and Historical Genadendal.

Children walk to and from school in safety, and even late in the evenings, locals and visitors alike meander back home after an evening out.  Accommodation in Greyton is easy to come by, with over 500 beds available.

Local eateries range from vegan, plant-based and whole foods, to traditional lunches and dinners, and watering holes.

Driving to Greyton from Cape Town, you'll notice Grabouw, Elgin, Caledon, Botrivier, Riviersonderend flying past, and in early summer, sunny fields of Canola flowers and golden fields of Wheat will greet you.  Secretary birds patrol the fields to feast on snakes and rats alike.

The locals in Greyton are famous for being friendly, chatty, and relaxed.  The calm pace is contagious, and you'll soon feel yourself settle into the vibe.

There's usually something fun to do, especially over weekends, when live music, unplugged performances, festivals, celebrations and annual events are hosted.

Which begs the question - why get married here?

  • Greyton is close enough to Cape Town that it's convenient to fly in, and then drive to your destination.
  • Greyton is far enough from cities and major routes that you're not subjected to traffic, pollution, or crime.
  • The natural beauty of the mountains, local rivers and flora has the best of the Western Cape, all within walking distance.
  • Restaurants and Accommodation Providers are geared for the South African market, as well as the International market, with a good balance between affordability and sophistication.

This makes Greyton a great destination for you as a couple, as well as your guests - extending your festivities to a weekend, or mid-week of fun, togetherness and activities.

Once you've decided on the natural beauty and the slower pace as your destination, let's look at wedding venues and officiants, caterers and event coordinators!

Where to get hitched?

In addition to local churches, you can opt to get married in "Abbey Rose", at the quaint chapel-like building in their private garden.  We like "The Abbey" because it's not specifically affiliated to any religious institution, or religion.  Getting married there would give you the old-time feel of pews, and candles, with the luxury of the single biggest stained glass window in Greyton, and the rustic sophistication of chandeliers hanging from the rafters.

Abbey Rose extends their service to doing your catering as well, and their menu can be customized to include your and your guests' dietary preferences.  This is the perfect one-stop-solution.

Who's going to marry us?

If you like bespoke experiences, you'd want to go with Marriage Officer Symi - from Tie the Knot, Overberg.

Tie the Knot, Overberg specializes in creating Your day, Your way.  Wedding celebrations are inclusive, celebrating for couples Beyond race, religion, orientation, gender or tradition, and each ceremony is specifically crafted for the couple themselves - and the message - and promises - are never repeated for another couple's wedding celebration.

The Bridal Suite

Now that you have the where and who sorted - we'd like to tell you about a glorious twist.

When you get married at Abbey Rose, the gallery of the abbey has been set up as the Bridal Suite.  While this is the perfect space for the bride(s) to get ready, and join the waiting partner and guests from above as "the big reveal", you can opt to book the Abbey for the rest of the night as well.

The old-feel cast-iron bath, the view of the candle-lit rose window and the rose-coloured view as the sun rises the next morning, the quiet of the private garden is all yours to enjoy as a couple, if you want to linger longer.

This is one of the best guarded secrets in Greyton - that you can sneak away at the end of your evening, and run barefoot through the garden to spend your first night as married couple in the same space as you said your vows, and gave each other your first married kiss.

However - if this is not your thing, we will definitely have a bridal suite that will blow your mind at one of the many other beautiful guesthouses in town.

Who's going to make this all work for us?

I'm so glad you asked.

I'd like to introduce you to Ava.  She's going to be your contact person in Greyton, and she's going to make sure that every single bit of your experience, from beginning to end, is seen through rose-coloured glasses!  Ava started her organizing career in Stage Management and Festival Coordination, both in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and she managed the executives of different companies in her corporate career.  You'll be in excellent hands from beginning to end.  This woman has lists of the lists that she manages, and a flair for the extraordinary to go.

You can reach her on any of the contact forms on this site, or you can call her directly on +27 83 459 6859.

Even if you choose us to use a different Greyton venue, a different Greyton caterer, or a different Greyton officiant (or fly your own officiant in!), don't miss out on the chance to get dialed into Greyton Weddings.